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Experience what kings, noblemen and duchesses have experienced for centuries when they visited the Veluwe, and in particular Apeldoorn: a boundless feeling of wealth, being surrounded by so much natural beauty. Admire the castles and country houses built here to enjoy the beauty in all seasons. Take a stroll through the grounds of Paleis Het Loo and see red deer and wild boar.

 If you have always been curious about the royal side of the Netherlands then now is the time to visit. This spring, Paleis het Loo will reopen its doors after a long renovation and for the occasion numerous new walking and cycling routes will be released and castles and manors will open their doors for a look behind the scenes. And, of course, there are also places where you can relax, such as wellness resorts, theatres, fine restaurants and unique hotels that will have royal themed specials. Have yourself some royal fun.

Paleis Het Loo

An extraordinary day out. The most authentic palace of the 17th century, surrounded by grand palace gardens. This symmetrical oasis of calm is a feast for the eyes. High fountains in which the water makes the gold shimmer even more. 

This location on the Veluwe has been important for the founding of the Netherlands as we know it today. In the 17th century, two young people were united here: Willem & Mary. They decided to build something beautiful. It grows into a historical place for the House of Orange-Nassau. Not only beautiful on the outside, also the interior of Paleis Het Loo is something you simply need to see with your own eys. Or actually, need to hear with your own ears.

New audio tours
At Paleis Het Loo, you go back in time. Hear the joys and sorrows of the past on the new palace tours, the good and the bad. What was it like for the first inhabitants over 300 years ago? Willem III's confidant shares stories about Willem III and the 15-year-old Mary who married him and became queen.
Travel with them through time and follow the life of former queen Wilhelmina, from girl to queen. Listen to guides Ziarah and Mark to find out what it was like to become a queen at the age of 10. A family-friendly version of this tour is also available for families with children. Hear what happened to the palace over the years and how it became the palace it is today.

Palace Gardens
The palace gardens were designed to impress visitors in the 17th century, and they still do—a Dutch Baroque garden, symmetrical with many parterres, largest fountains and historical planting. Every season has its own atmosphere. Paleis Het Loo is an enjoyable day out for everyone. Experience the tranquillity of the gardens. And just like in the 17th century, use Paleis Het Loo to recover from the hustle and bustle and relax.

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