Taste the Veluwe

In Zeeland you eat mussels, in Gouda it’s cheese, fresh fish tastes best at the coast and Gelderland is the place to be for game. But the Netherlands is also known for its fresh and very high-quality regional products – often earning international acclaim – as well as numerous fine restaurants and top chefs. The products form the basic ingredients, and the inspirational and creative chefs turn them into healthy and delicious meals. Discover good, honest food and get to know the local products sourced in the Other Holland.

The large number of organic farmers and growers of regional products makes the Veluwe a unique culinary destination in the Netherlands. In fact, thanks to the high concentration of agricultural businesses and research institutes, one part of the region has even been named ‘Food Valley’. Here, you can sample certified local products such as honey, wine, beer, artisan bread and cheese. Only items produced locally using local ingredients may display the ‘Erkend Veluws Streekproduct’ mark of quality. This enables the producers to contribute to further enhancing the quality of the countryside. You’re assured of a warm welcome from the numerous farmers and growers!

Game menus in the Veluwe region

With its rich diversity of nature, flora & fauna, cultural heritage and a wealth of good restaurants, the picturesque Veluwe region is one of the Netherlands’ most beautiful destinations. Here, you will find something to stimulate all your senses. After exploring the untamed countryside and spotting wildlife, you can sample products from the region’s abundant larder of game and other local products in a wide variety of culinary settings, ranging from Michelin-star restaurants to gourmet fairs.

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Harderwijk culinair culihoppen

No shortage of stars in the Veluwe

What would you like: the best, the best or the best? If you want a good meal there’s plenty to choose from, because the Veluwe is home to a unique number of excellent restaurants. And the list of the 500 best restaurants in the Netherlands, published by the restaurant guide Lekker, features even more fantastic places to eat.

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