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Boat trips from the port of Elburg April

Rederij Randmeer

until 26 April

This is how you can reach us

Rederij Randmeer
Vertrekpunt van de M.p.s. Caroline
8081 GP Elburg
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The tour boat regularly departs from the port of Elburg for a trip on the Randmeren.

In the preseason this still depends a bit on the weather, but the following dates are planned.

April 13 12:00 90 minutes April 18 12:00 90 minutes April 19 3:30 PM 50 minutes April 23 3:00 PM 50 minutesj April 24 1:30 PM 90 minutes April 25 10:30 AM 50 minutes April 25 1:00 PM 90 minutes April 26 11:00 AM 90 minutes

The 50-minute cruises cost €9.50 pp and €6.50 children (3 to 12 years) and the 90-minute cruises cost €12.50 pp and €8.50 children (3 to 12 years).

Boarding point Havenkade Elburg

For larger groups of 25 people or more, sailing can also take place at other times. More information Rederij Randmeer.