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  • Perimeter route

    Perimeter route
    (7.9 km)

    The perimeter was a horseshoe shaped defense line around Oosterbeek in which the Britsh and Polish troops...

  • IJssel valley route

    IJssel valley route
    (41.0 km)

    Flood plains with willows, marshes, hawthorn hedgerows in full bloom, brown-and-white cows, the occasional...

  • Military Heritage

    Military Heritage
    (38.0 km)

    Military personnel and the Veluwe have been inseparable for at least one hundred and fifty years. Go...

  • The fight for the Veluwe

    The fight for the Veluwe
    (62.0 km)

    After five years of occupation, the Netherlands was liberated in 1945. A lot happened in the Veluwe during...

  • The well-hidden route

    The well-hidden route
    (52.0 km)

    Cycle over the Beekhuizerzand sand-drift dunes, through woodland and heathland towards Vierhouten.

  • Liberation Route Arnhem

    Liberation Route Arnhem
    (42.0 km)

    There was a lot of fighting in the Arnhem-Wageningen area during the Second World War. The failed Allied...

  • Farmers and countryside

    Farmers and countryside
    (43.0 km)

    Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the agricultural heritage between Putten and Ermelo. The route leads...

  • Farmer tour

    Farmer tour
    (34.0 km)

    A route that you can take your time on, because there are many drop-off points. The route goes through...

  • Knobbelroute

    (40.0 km)
  • Belvédère walk 3 km

    Belvédère walk 3 km
    (3.0 km)

    A walk of approximately three kilometers in the Belvédère Forest, lasting approximately one hour.

  • Veluwse Hanzestedenroute

    Veluwse Hanzestedenroute
    (54.0 km)
  • Kunstsnoer


    An artistic element in Nunspeet: there are large showcases in which art is exhibited in five places in...

  • MTB route for children

    MTB route for children
    30 minutes (4.5 km)

    The route has special signage for children. It gives children the opportunity to mountain bike in a fun...

  • Zandenbos walking route 12 km

    Zandenbos walking route 12 km
    2 hour (12.0 km)

    Combine two signposted routes in the municipality of Nunspeet to form the Zandenbos Route, a 12-kilometre...

  • Ede drop zone

    Ede drop zone
    (8.0 km)

    This route takes you past monuments commemorating, and information panels with stories about, events...

  • Muurgedichten

  • Village walk Nunspeet

    Village walk Nunspeet
    1 hour 30 minutes (5.0 km)

    Discover the many special buildings, monumental trees and beautiful wall poems of Nunspeet during this...

  • Kroondomeinenroute

    (43.0 km)
  • 't Kuierpaodje' 5 km

    't Kuierpaodje' 5 km
    (5.0 km)

    't Kuierpaodje is a 5 kilometer walk around the village of Elspeet. You stroll along dirt roads and old...

  • Plaggenroute-Tijdkijkerpad 4,1 km

    Plaggenroute-Tijdkijkerpad 4,1 km
    (4.1 km)

    A beautiful route through mainly heathland, with various binoculars along the way that provide an image...

  • City & Foodwalk Nunspeet

    City & Foodwalk Nunspeet
    3 hour (7.0 km)

    The 'City & Food Walk Nunspeet' is a beautiful walking route through Nunspeet, where you can enjoy all...

  • Bezoekerscentrum Zandenbos

    Bezoekerscentrum Zandenbos
  • Elspeet heather route 17 km

    Elspeet heather route 17 km
    3 hour 20 minutes (17.0 km)

    Enjoy the beautiful, hilly Elspeetsche heath, forests and meadows and Elspeet and Vierhouten, authentic...

  • 'Door het Bos' (9 km)

    'Door het Bos' (9 km)
    (9.0 km)

    Door het Bos is a 9 kilometer walk east of the village of Vierhouten. You walk over old cart tracks,...