New things to see and do in the Veluwe region

Round-the-world trip

Explore the depths of the underwater world, sail past bounty islands, stroll over exotic markets and visit world-famous museums – and all without leaving the Veluwe.

The Veluwe region is once again hosting a fantastic display of sand sculptures in 2019, and this year the theme is ‘Round-the-world Trip’. The artists are currently working hard to put the finishing touches to their sand sculptures, which will be ready for you to admire in Garderen from 12 April.

The exhibition is suitable for visitors of all ages and takes you on a journey past numerous famous buildings, unusual modes of transport, humorous situations and a stunning 18-metre-long skyline! At the end of your travels, you can catch your breath in the De Plattenlands Preuveri self-service restaurant where you can enjoy coffee and cake or a choice of other refreshments.

The ‘Round-the-world Trip’ exhibition is open from 12 April to 2 November. For tickets and more information, go to

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The Garden of Earthly Worries

From 2 April 2019 until mid-2021, the gardens at Paleis Het Loo provide the setting for an exhibition called ‘The Garden of Earthly Worries’. In this project, architect Daniel Libeskind has set out to illustrate a contrast between the palace gardens as the representation of the perfection of nature and the changing climate as the result of people’s actions.

‘The Garden of Earthly Worries’ is a presentation of four abstract sculptures that symbolise the chemical compounds of carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and nitrogen monoxide. According to Daniel, these gases are harmful by-products of human intervention which have set the climate-change wheels in motion with disastrous consequences.

Daniel Libeskind is a renowned Polish-Jewish architect based in New York. His previous work includes the Jüdisches Museum Berlin and the One World Trade Centre in New York.

‘The Garden of Earthly Worries’ is open from 2 April 2019 until mid-2021. For tickets and more information go to

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Terribly Tasty

The ‘Terribly Tasty’ (Gruwelijk Lekker) exhibition at the Dutch Open Air Museum opens on 29 March. This exhibition reveals how people’s taste preferences have changed through the ages.

‘Terribly Tasty’ examines ten different food and drink-related items from a period of Dutch history so that you can see how attitudes towards them have changed over the centuries. The Canon of Dutch History takes you on a journey back in time to the era of the VOC, Max Havelaar and much more!

Find out what you do and don’t like and – above all – why (or why not)? Experience various aspects of people’s eating habits and decide for yourself!

The ‘Terribly Tasty’ exhibition is open from 29 March.

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