Klimbos Ermelo

The four routes vary in height and degree of difficulty. Before embarking on your adventure, you first receive a briefing about the use of the 100%-safe system for carefree climbing. The first trail you can follow is called The Family. It starts with a wobbly bridge and finishes with a spectacular zip wire. This is an excellent route to help you get used to heights. After completing The Family you can move on to The Jungle route. This is 7 metres high and has the most obstacles of all the routes, including barrels to crawl through and ropes to swing on – all at 7 metres above the ground! The most challenging of Klimbos Ermelo’s routes is The KICK. This 250-metre-long route includes 17 of the toughest and most challenging obstacles of all: for real daredevils only!

Klimbos Ermelo zipline

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