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The Heerderstrand recreation area lies in the heart of the Veluwe, in Heerde. Surrounded by pine trees, the area's vast beaches and sunbathing fields are a feast for the eyes. Heerderstrand is the perfect place for a relaxing beach day. If you want to make your day more active, bring your hiking shoes and combine a day at the beach with a lovely walk through the Veluwe countryside, or play a game of Pitch & Putt Golf at Fairway Pavilion.

The Leisurelands recreational areas are easily accessible for disabled persons. Part of the recreation area has a paved footpath around the lake. Keep in mind that some areas have low fencing around the busy areas (beaches/lounge areas) to keep out cyclists and mopeds.

You can pay a deposit to obtain a key to get past the fence. Please contact us for more information. info@leisurelands.nl.

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