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Tourist Information Elburg

13 en 14 oktober

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Tourist Information Elburg
Jufferenstraat 8
8081 CR Elburg
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On Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October 2023, the 24-hour Hanseatic League event will take place in all nine Hanseatic cities simultaneously. This weekend the Hanseatic cities are bursting at the seams with all kinds of cultural activities, such as lectures, musical performances, exhibitions, workshops and tours. So reserve this weekend in your diary, because you don't want to miss this 24-hour Hanze!

Provisional program Elburg:

Silent disco in the monastery gardenĀ 
Live monastic life in Museum Elburg with workshops, lectures and music
Scavenger hunt for children and adults
Storytelling in the Fish Auction and the Gruithuis


  • Vrijdag 13 oktober 2023
  • Zaterdag 14 oktober 2023