Paleis Het Loo, Royalty in the Veluwe

The 300-year-old palace, Paleis Het Loo lies in the centre of the Netherlands, on the outskirts of Apeldoorn. This former summer residence of the Dutch royal family has been open to the public since 1984, following extensive restoration work. The varied design of the rooms takes you through more than three hundred years of residence by the Orange-Nassau dynasty. 

The starting point for the redevelopment of the palace was the 17th century apartments of the first occupants, King and Stadtholder Willem III and Queen Mary II. These apartments are part of a chronological series of rooms dedicated to the Royal Family, ending with the rooms belonging to Queen Wilhelmina and Princess Juliana. The rooms are fitted out with the furniture, objects and paintings that surrounded the Royal Family. The authentic soft furnishings covering windows and walls are a unique feature.

The 300-year-old garden with its elegantly laid out formal gardens exudes the atmosphere of the 17th century. Delight in its rare flowers and plants and find a cool spot beside the pond sculptures and spectacular fountains.

Paleis Het Loo opens its roof terrace every Wednesday in the summer months. Go up and enjoy the magnificent view! In the royal stables, there is a chance to admire the Royal Family’s coaches, carriages, and cars, many of which are still in use.